kawuki mukasa (kawukimukasa) wrote in nanofic,
kawuki mukasa

Human sexuality and Religion

'Human Sexuality and Religion: reframing the problem' is the working title of my new project. Human sexuality and religion are like siblings with a love hate relationship. They are very similar in many ways ( I have always believed that the part in our inner selves which provides shelter for our religious emotions - our desire to worship something - is the same location where our sexuality lives). At the same time there is always tension between these two (perhaps not unlike the tension between family members living together) My interest in this project is in how we should understand this on-going problem between the siblings - human sexuality and religion. Now religious narratives on human sexuality (as indeed - thanks to Michel Foucault's insights - the medical/scientific narratives) claim to be presenting an objective statement of the reality about human sexuality. From this vantage point the problem over human sexuality and religion is about articulating the reality about sex. I will spend a considerable amount of time and space on how this way of framing the problem tends to unfold and to demonstrate why it leads to entrenchment of conflicting positions with no resolution in sight. What I will be arguing for is a re-framing or understanding of the problem in terms of construction rather than articulation. In other words discourse on human-sexuality (religious, medical, scientific etc) is not about articulating the objective reality of human sexuality (an attempt that assumes the existence of human sexuality in itself i.e. an essential human sexuality), it is rather an attempt to construct that reality from a wide range of discursive contexts. I will try to demonstrate how re-framing the problem thus might enable us to get over some of the ugly fights over sexuality and religion
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